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Committed to a Sustainable Future

WINMAR® is committed to a sustainable future, corporately and for the communities we service.

As a responsible corporate citizen, WINMAR® is dedicated to making positive changes that affect not only how we operate, but how we impact the environment. Introducing smaller, more fuel-efficient fleet vehicles, initiating environmental assessments of our corporate facilities and attempting to reduce the volume of debris and waste transported to landfills, are just a few of the practices implemented to reduce our impact.

Working in tandem with industry partners, the restoration specialist community and our national network, WINMAR® is striving to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come by implementing the following:

Chemical Usage

WINMAR® has implemented the acquisition and maintenance of Safety Data Sheets. We continue to work toward replacing all chemicals used in our business with biodegradable, environmentally friendly products.


WINMAR® uses energy efficient equipment that increases drying efficiency by cutting down on drying time and increases the likelihood of saving building materials in structures when possible, rather than tearing out building materials that will ultimately fill landfill sites.

Physical Plant

WINMAR® has taken the initiative to have installed motion sensor lighting some of our warehouses to reduce unnecessary use of electricity. Programmable thermostats lower the temperature of the building during evening and weekend hours, reducing the amount of natural gas used to heat our facility.


WINMAR® uses Tablet technology reducing paper use by encouraging our customers sign all forms electronically for easy uploading or pdf file attachments.


WINMAR® is committed to reviewing the type of vehicles and the usage of vehicles with a focus on reducing our carbon footprint.

Contents & Building Material Disposal

WINMAR® donates useable goods and materials to local charities. In making these donations we are keeping these materials out of landfills and helping those in need in our community.

Waste Disposal

WINMAR® is committed to the safe and legal disposal of company generated hazardous waste. All company employees are considered environment stewards and are responsible to ensure that no hazardous waste or material is discharged into the environment, groundwater, sewers, water systems, soil, air, or landfill.

Recycling of Building Materials

At WINMAR®, we feel recycling of building materials is a large step in our efforts to protect the environment. Our program allows us the opportunity to recycle building materials and contents such as plastic, cardboard, paper, metal, and wood.

Environmental challenges will always be evident, and the technology will constantly evolve. WINMAR® continues to seek and review improved ways to support this global need.

Soft Goods Cleaning System

Our Soft Goods Content Cleaning System is more than just a washing machine. It’s an innovative washing system using a patented system of hydraulic pressure cleaning combined with environmentally friendly detergents to effectively disinfect soft contents. It is used for numerous situations including fire/smoke contamination, sewage contamination and flood contamination. Shoes, outerwear and even sporting equipment can be rescued. Treasured family items that would have previously been destined for a landfill can be returned to their rightful place in your home.

Hard Goods Cleaning System

WINMAR® is proud to implement Hard Goods Content Cleaning Systems for the processing of contents. This amazing technology has changed the way hard contents and electronic items are restored. With the use of ultrasonic waves, items can be efficiently and economically cleaned. Valuable items like figurines, dishes, and silverware can now be safely returned. Electronics and appliances built with hard plastics that don’t break down are less likely to be sent to a landfill.